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The 7 Steps to Retain, Engage and Create Loyal Employees

As an organization, we always face difficulty in finding devoted and loyal employees for making a proper organizational structure. We can boost employees’ loyalty with some of the ways mentioned below:

  • Begin by building a culture of openness and inclusion:

Employee’s priority is very important in boosting their moral for the organization as it feels trusted by the management. Even at the time of new plans organizations should also include employees’ interest which will gain their project support in the near future.        

  • Communicate and over-communicate:

Communication is considered as the most important factor in organization. The organization should have a two-way communication process where employees can safely raise issues in the organization.

  • Listen to your people:

With facilitating communication, issues raised by the employees should be evaluated. It means that all issues must be analyzed and one which can’t be solved, the employees should be made to understand the reason behind the same. This provides the employees’ satisfaction that management listens their inputs in the organization.

  • Create teams who are dependent on each other

Teamwork does not only fulfill the common idea that unity is a strength, but also brings your employees together and makes them more focused on collective objectives. An organization should strive to develop teams in its working environment to be able to incorporate every member of the organization in its day-to-day activities and encourage good relations among all the employees.

  • Develop skills to match passions, not what they do well

This practice is probably the one that is most overlooked. Many organizations feel that employees are hired to do a specific job with specific skills. Generally, developing skills outside of the job requirements is often looked upon as an unnecessary expense, which is a Wrong Way. A happy employee is a committed and engaged employee. An organization that considers what engages its employees and provides resources to develop them accordingly, can gain the full accord and loyalty from them.

  • Make the employees the heroes of your story, not you

Employees should always considered as a heroes of all the success as it is their efforts that made the difference and this will boost up the morale of the employees in the organization and will move the focus of me to we in the organization.

  • Recognize and Reward them — the way they want

Depending upon the amount of work and the level of contribution to the organization, often a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards may be the most appropriate. Key point is that rewards should be delivered for performance above and beyond what is expected as part of their job. Rewarding expected performance is a slippery slope, be careful.

These were some tips which can help make a healthy working environment for employees. Do let us know in your comments if we have missed something important.

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